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About Us

Tom Brassington, Sky-works Design Studios CEO Sky-Works Design Studios was started by Tom Brassington in September 2006, securing its first major client in september 2006. Since then Sky-Works has gone from strength to strength, having completed work on its own website and behind the scenes services.

As our company grows, so does our design experience and client portfolio. Sky-Works continues to push the boundaries in terms of design and technology, having recently introduced a series of self-customisable templates for clients who wish to achieve a cheap, hands on website. The aquisition of advanced design software now means Sky-Works can continue to develope bespoke, feature rich websites.

Whilst we are based in the Pembrokeshire and Cambridgeshire areas, we provide a web design service throughout the UK, using the latest in confence calling technology. The future for Sky-Works will see us continually pushing the envelope whilst growing our client base with ambitious small to medium sized businesses who want grow there business in a unique fashion.