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Promote Your Business


Once Sky-Works has designed your website the world needs to be told that it exists. This can be done both online and with traditional print media methods. Sky-works designs your site to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO) and will get your pages listed in the index of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). See how Sky-Works promotion services can help make your website and business stand out from the croud by selecting a service below to find out more.

Search Engine Optimisation / Submission

Search Engine Marketing

We have a range of search engine optimisation offerings designed to meet everyone's needs. Which offering best meets your needs depends on two key factors: the complexity of your site and the competitiveness of the keywords that you wish to target.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services can provide good results by giving careful attention to the on-page and off-page elements required. By applying our SEO knowledge to your web pages, we give them the maximum chance of being found and indexed by the search engine spiders, which helps these SEO'd pages gain a high ranking.


Google Adwords

      Advertise your business on Google


No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and their partner advertising network. Pay only if people click your ads. Easily intergrated into our bespoke web-design, or simply added to your existing website, Google Adwords drives traffic to your website, customised by geographical location and keywords. Sky-works can configure Google Adwords to effectively promote your business within your local area, with tailored solutions to meet any budget.


How Google Adworks Works
Image Coutesy of Google


Print Media Promotion    Print Media Advertising

Another very effective method of driving traffic to your website is to advertise in your local area using traditional print methods. Sky-works can help you advertise your new website to existing and new customers via your business cards, local newspapers and flyers.

Bespoke print media solutions can be a relatively cheap method of attracting attention to your business, whether it be at the launch of your new website, or promoting an upcoming sale or event.